Event Management

We are Globe Productions

We provide cutting edge event management solutions

We provide cutting edge event management solutions to various individuals and organisations. From weddings to conferences, seminars to entertainment. Globe owns and manages respected event brands such as the annual Ghana Business Summit, Exhibition and Awards, the Ghana Pharmaceutical Summit, Exhibition and Awards and Ghana Shippers Awards. We are the project/event managers for the prestigious Ghana Journalist Association Awards (GJA Awards), the Ghana International Petroleum Conference (GhIPCON), NiBS Ghana Innovations Awards and the all Tiger Eye PI film expose premieres includes but not limited to Ghana in the eyes of God (The Judges Saga) and Number 12 (The football expose).
Product Launching
Product launching is critical for the successful market introduction of some products. Product launches gives the public and the media a chance to hear everything about the product before any negative reviews are given. We put in as much effort when planning an event, whether minor or major, each event needs proper planning to make them exciting
Seminars are educational events for the training of managers and employees. With seminars Interactivity is core. A popular source of academic, professional or technical instruction, seminars present information to diverse audiences. These tutorials may be private or public, series or single, commercial or informative, lecture- or dialogue-based. They are less formal than academic lectures, allowing audience members to interject opinions or discuss results. Like all successful enterprises, when planning a seminar for a client we begin several months in advance by developing a theme. We plan around the target audience and select the niche market carefully. Seminars are an effective method for corporations to "get their name out there" so we go out of our way to make it successful for our clients.
Conferences are among the most important events that Globe organizes. The term "conferences" can apply to a variety of gatherings from a group of researchers who meet to discuss scientific results to a group of sales people who are training. We critically consider a lot of key components when organizing a Conference for a client, for example the Location, cost, venue, all these factors allow our clients to cut cost but have very successful events.

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